AM Best's
Reinsurance Market Briefing - Rendez-Vous de Septembre (Monte Carlo)

AM Best’s Reinsurance Market Briefing - Rendez-Vous de Septembre will take place on Sunday, 8 September 2024

Firmly established for years as the leading open-invitation market presentation event at the Rendez-Vous, this briefing is a unique opportunity for reinsurance market insight and opinion ahead of busy bilateral meeting schedules.

Delegates to the Rendez-Vous will join AM Best at the Hotel Hermitage to meet with and hear from senior management and analytical personnel from across our global offices as they present our perspectives on the state of the global reinsurance sector.

The briefing’s key discussion points will include: 
  • AM Best's trend analysis on the global reinsurance sector
  • Will pricing discipline be maintained?
  • Global reinsurance outlook and the drivers of future rating movements
  • Impact of alternative capital and ILS
  • Key rating issues impacting all reinsurers