AM Best’s Briefing – Casualty: How Insurers are Managing Social Inflation and Mass Tort Risk

This briefing has concluded. Playback is available here.

Senior AM Best research staff and industry experts explore recent developments in casualty insurance and reinsurance.

Topics will include:

  • Factors such as social inflation and mass torts influencing increased severity in their casualty books and corrective actions that have been taken
  • Partnering with reinsurers for risk and capital management as reinsurers look to deploy capital to casualty risks in a better interest rate environment
  • Implications for the market and ratings

    Moderator: John Weber, Senior Associate Editor, AM Best


      • Amanda Lyons, Executive Managing Director, Aon
      • Sridhar Manyem, Senior Director of Industry Research and Public Relations, AM Best
      • Mia Finsness, Global Executive Underwriting Officer, Markel