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Insurance Information Resources for Public and Academic Libraries

Best’s Library Center offers cost-effective access to professional-level resources for researching insurer financial strength and creditworthiness, in a format designed to meet the needs of public and academic libraries.

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About Best's Library Center

Best's Library Center provides access to Best’s Insurance Reports—AM Best’s collection of resources for analyzing the financial stability of insurance and reinsurance companies—through an online platform created especially for public and academic institutions.

Benefits of Best's Library Center

Access the same credit reports, financial reports and tools insurance professionals use to research and analyze individual companies and the industry.

Understand the factors affecting an insurer’s financial strength when making policy-buying decisions.

Research an insurer’s creditworthiness when exploring investment opportunities.

Prepare for a career in insurance using the same tools professionals use.

Enhance your curriculum with in-depth insight into insurer performance.

Take advantage of IP authentication to provide easy access to patrons and staff. Academic libraries can offer remote user access through their library’s website.

Add Best's Aggregates & Averages, AM Best's online benchmarking resource, to your Best's Library Center subscription for a moment-in-time snapshot of insurance industry performance.

Solution For

  • Students
  • Professors
  • Policyholders
  • Small Business Owners
  • Insurance Consumers
  • Job Seekers
  • Library Patrons

Product Features

  • Current and archived Best's Credit Reports outlining AM Best’s objective third-party evaluation of insurer performance, providing a thorough explanation of why the current Best’s Credit Rating was assigned. View sample.
  • Current and archived Best's Financial Reports, with annual financial metrics (including quarterly data for US companies) and company information: corporate changes, rating history, M&A, management and more. Best's Financial Reports are updated as new information becomes available. View sample.
  • Detailed company overview for at-a-glance access to key information, including current and historical Best's Credit Ratings and Best's Capital Adequacy Ratio scores, key financial indicators, top states and lines of business, investment portfolio analysis, state licensing information and related news
  • Advanced search features to find insurers based on multiple customizable criteria
  • IP authentication for 24/7 password-free access and remote connectivity (academic libraries only)

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