Best's State Rate Filings

Monitor Rate, Rule and Form Filings with Ease

Best’s State Rate Filings helps you keep up with US P/C program innovations, find out which competitors are entering which markets, and create targeted product development strategies.

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State Rate data

About Best's State Rate Filings

Compare companies and monitor US P/C filings with policy rate, rule and form changes, loss cost information and new programs for thousands of insurers. With Best's State Rate Filings, AM Best gathers and analyzes millions of filings, pinpointing key details to track industry changes. Includes complete filings for all states.

Benefits of Best's State Rate Filings

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Track approved, pending, rejected or withdrawn filings in all states plus DC.

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Monitor companies by states or lines of business, and streamline your insurance pricing and product management with time-saving email alerts when filings are submitted or approved.

Export key data from filings, including disposition data and market share information.

Access standardized policy forms from national insurance advisory and statistical organizations. 

Solution For

  • Actuaries
  • Analysts
  • Consultants
  • Underwriters
  • Market Researchers
  • Product Managers & Developers

Product Features

  • Online database with policy filings for commercial and personal lines, dating back to 2003
  • Approximately 20,000 new filings per month
  • Complete filing PDFs dating back to 2008
  • Filings as received from state insurance departments
  • Standardized policy forms from national insurance advisory and statistical organizations
  • SERFF filing descriptions
  • Market share and company rank information
  • Market share reports detailing one-year premiums and loss data
  • Financial reports on loss reserves and expenses
  • Best’s Credit Ratings
  • Email alerts for filing changes by state, line, filing action, status (approved, pending, rejected, withdrawn), company, program, overall rate effect and keyword
  • Search feature that gathers results within and across states based on:
    • Commercial/personal line or program
    • Filing or SERFF number, effective or disposition date, overall effect percentage, loss cost multiplier
    • Company, group or agency/organization names; NAIC, FEIN and AMB company numbers
    • Text within the filing summary
    • Keywords within the complete filings archive
  • Option to export search results to Excel or PDF
  • Option to save frequently used search criteria for future use
  • Watch our product walk-through

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