Video Studio Rental

Take your video shoots to a new level with our modern, sophisticated studio and professional video production staff.

AM Best produces insurance industry news coverage, webinars and other content in our state-of-the-art video studio, located at our global headquarters in Oldwick, NJ. The studio, as well as our professional video team, are available to help you with your multimedia production needs.

Studio Features

  • 360-degree shooting plan and multiple sets allow for video types such as:
    • News-style panel discussions with up to six participants
    • Fireside chats for traditional, but more casual, interviews for up to three participants
    • Standing or sitting camera guest(s) with a chroma key (green screen) for custom virtual backgrounds. Multiple furniture options available.
  • HD robotic cameras that surpass current industry standards and can be operated directly from the control room for a wider range of shots, enabling full coverage of all panelists and guests
  • State-of-the-art LED studio and accent lighting, which enables high-fidelity images and adaptive colors as well as teleprompters and other video production equipment to give you the best result
  • Large in-studio monitors that display the presenter's logos, branding and exhibits
  • Professional, experienced video staff, with backgrounds from news outlets such as CNN, Reuters, FOX News, E! and National Public Radio (NPR), as well as military photography

Remote Capabilities

  • HD-quality remote interviewing equipment that brings up to four concurrent offsite panelists into a recording or broadcast
  • Ultra-high-speed in-studio internet bandwidth that delivers maximum resolution for viewers and offsite panelists
  • Streaming equipment and software, which enables connectivity to third-party services and sites

Available Services

Studio Rental to shoot a taped video or a live broadcast

  • Includes set-up, rehearsal and production
  • AM Best’s video production staff will supervise shoot, operate equipment and add basic onscreen graphics to the video (such as onscreen identification) as appropriate

Applications include:

  • Video content recording and streaming
  • Webinar production
  • Remote interview participation
  • Media training
  • In-person presentations

Video Editing

Post-production services by the AM Best video production staff, such as the creation of complex broadcast graphics, on content that was shot in the AM Best video studio.

All third-party videos shot in the AM Best video studio will be scheduled based upon availability within the normal AM Best workday. All videos will be shot/edited in the standard definition video (DVD quality). Upon completion, the client will receive a full-resolution .AVI file (or another format of their choosing as long as it is a recognized industry format that can be handled by AM Best’s NewTek editing system in full HD). Minimum studio rental time is one hour; additional hours are billed to the nearest 30 minutes. Minimum editing time is one hour.