Tools to Leverage Your Best's Credit Rating and Showcase Your Company

Best's Company Reports • Best's Credit Rating Certificates • Best's Credit Ratings Certification Letters

Showcase AM Best Rating Services’ opinion of your company’s financial strength and operating performance.

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About These Tools

AM Best offers reports, certificates and certification letters to rated companies to display their Best's Credit Rating to clients, policyholders, investors and more.



Best's Company Reports

  • Demonstrate your company’s financial strength to policyholders, potential clients and investors with online reports containing AM Best Rating Services’ objective analysis and key company information. Reports offering a subset of the complete content are also available.
  • Display on your company’s website.
  • Foster confidence among stockholders, employees and current clients.
  • Receive a complimentary unframed Best’s Credit Rating Certificate when your order includes reports for a rating unit's member company. (Certificates are not available for rating units.) A framed certificate is available for an additional fee.
  • Choose the report size:
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Best's Credit Rating Certificates

  • Display your framed certificate in your lobby or boardroom to reinforce your company’s position in the industry to clients, policyholders and investors. Unframed certificates are also available.
  • Certificates are available for individual purchase. Customers who purchase Best's Company Reports for a rating unit's member company receive one unframed certificate displaying the company's Best's Financial Strength Rating at no extra cost, or a framed certificate for an additional fee.
  • Each purchase includes a Best’s Credit Ratings Certification Letter suitable for filing with regulatory authorities.
  • See a sample.
  • View our brochure.

Best's Credit Ratings Certification Letters

  • Provide proof of your company’s rating(s) in support of regulatory requirements, contracts and other business transactions. Letters are available in print or pdf format.
  • Letters are available for individual purchase, and are also included with each purchase of Best's Credit Rating Certificates.
  • If purchased with apostille, the letter can be used to satisfy regulatory requirements when seeking approval to do business in another country.
  • See a sample.

Solution For

  • Insurers and reinsurers with a current Best's Credit Rating

Product Features

Best's Company Reports include a selection of information from the rating unit's Best's Credit Report and the member company or rating unit's Best's Financial Report. Content includes:

  • Best's Credit Ratings
  • Assessment Descriptors
  • Key Financial Indicators (large report only)
  • Credit Analysis
  • Financial Statements
  • And More

Best's Credit Rating Certificates display:

  • The company's Best's Financial Strength Rating
  • Signatures of the President & CEO and Chief Rating Officer of AM Best Rating Services
  • The official AM Best seal

Best's Credit Ratings Certification Letters include:

  • A statement of the Best’s Credit Rating(s) issued to the company
  • The effective date of the rating(s)
  • A brief explanation of the value of Best’s Credit Ratings and AM Best’s significance within the insurance industry
  • A notarized signature from a duly authorized representative of A.M. Best Rating Services, Inc. (available upon request)
  • The official AM Best seal

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