Lloyd's is the world's leading insurance market, transacting business worth billions of pounds in premiums each year.

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What is Lloyd's?

Lloyd's is not an insurance company, but a competitive market where individual underwriters accept risks on behalf of syndicates of individual and corporate members whose resources provide the security behind Lloyd's policies. Business comes into the market primarily through Lloyd's brokers who bring business from clients and other brokers and intermediaries worldwide.

Underwriting capacity is channeled into the Lloyd's market through individual syndicates. Each syndicate is supported by capital provided by members of Lloyd's. The role of the managing agent is to run one or more syndicates. The managing agent is responsible for the syndicate's business strategy, and the employment of the underwriters. A more recent development is the rise of Integrated Lloyd's Vehicles, in which a single corporate entity has a stake in the managing agent and owns a corporate member which provides all or some of the capacity of the syndicate managed by that agent. Read AM Best's Rating Methodology for Lloyd's Syndicates for more information.

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